Alma Mater

United States Ecclesiastical Society and Seminary

All hail alma mater, the only one we will ever sing,
All hail, U.S.E.S.S.
Oh long will our praises ring.
Strength and protection, love and devotion,
Stalwart and ever true,
We honor thy name, and sing thy fame,
Oh U.S.E.S.S. we pledge our hearts to you.

Our Vision

The vision of U.S.E.S.S. is to prepare Christian leaders to impact the world through their learned biblical and theological studies, as well as practical ministry that are to be practiced in the Church and the world. The fulfillment of this vision defines the work of this institution.

Our Mission

U.S.E.S.S. is an evangelical Christian college that exists to help in building the church, advance the work of God and impact society through embodying excellence in programs of Christian higher education and development in Christian faith, thought and practice. U.S.E.S.S. accomplishes this mission through a comprehensive program of biblical, theological, and general education, Christ-centered service and support, and applied scholarship in practical environments.



The University of Los Angeles is an evangelical Christian college that offers educational programs that range from biblical studies to theology and Christian counseling to ministry courses. U.L.A. was established in 1982 to serve the growing Christian community in Southern California. That vision has been expanded to include students who come from all over the world through our distance learning programs. Through a high quality education at U.L.A., our students are being prepared to impact the world as Christian leaders.